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Julabo & LMT Seal the New Year with a Partnership

We’re pretty certain that the commercial kitchen of 2018 will be about quality, not quantity. With this in mind, we’ve made it a priority to partner with factories that focus on efficiency, quality control, and superior production. Julabo—the newest small equipment partner of Little M Tucker—is one of those companies.

LMT Partners With Martin Kastner, The Most Influential Dinnerware Designer in Modern American History

Photography: Hugo Juarez for Steelite International. At Little M Tucker, we live for great plates. Just like classic art, the first reveal of any plating technique rarely tells the whole story. You have to look deeper and ask, how was this created? Take Martin Kastner, an artist who started a plating evolution, as one fine example. A blacksmith by trade, Kastner founded his design company in 1998 and tailored it to the needs of chefs.

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