LMT is a unique portfolio that combines product collections on the cutting edge of design and innovation with an exclusivity that enables our customers to create a one-of-a-kind tabletop experience for their guests. Our products speak to a contemporary aesthetic while also occasionally borrowing from the past. They will help tell the story of your operation, whatever and wherever that story might be.

  On this site, you’ll see some of our favorite new items as well as coverage of recent industry events. We also feature Morgan Tucker’s monthly column from Total Food Service magazine, a digest on current trends and happenings in the industry. Whether it’s for a consultation, an appointment at our Manhattan office, or to visit some of our showrooms in the epicenter of hospitality, we would love to hear from you here. We also welcome you to sign up for the monthly LMT newsletter – it is the best way to stay informed on new trends and our latest discoveries.

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